Welcome to the second part of the workshop.

Pick one relation. Preferably a relation with a nonhuman entity. Take that entity out of its normal environment. Place it so that you can see it, or keep it close to your body. Give time for your relation.

Is it important to you? Yes, no, why? Has it always been with you? Does it relate to someone, or something else? If you would lose it, how would it feel? How do you know this object? What material is it?

Based on your thoughts, make a small or big celebration for the entity. It can be singing, dancing, cooking, altar, writing, basically anything that comes to mind. Three options for the meaning of the celebration.

1. Appreciating the entity and your relation with it as it is. Celebrate your relation! 

2. Letting go of the entity. Organize a farewell party for the entity, before it continues to somewhere else.

3. Transformation festival. Think the entity as material. How could your relation continue through transformation? What could it become?

Take a photo of your celebration. If you want, share your photo with us and we share it in our workshop gallery. You can also share your celebration using #circ2m or @circ2m

photos can be sent to circ2m.circus@gmail.com 

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