Kehrä / Kehrae (work in progress)

Kehrae / Kehrä is a performance, dance, trance, meditation. It is a Finnish word for round things like sun and moon, the verb kehrätä means to spin as making yarn, to entwine. Shamans in Korea and Japan use the revolving movement to achieve trance. The whirling Sufis in the Middle East are practicing their meditational whirling ritual to transcend the ego, and consciously participate in the shared revolution of other beings. Life is spinning, whirling, revolving from the smallest cells to the stars of the firmament. Life is a revolution.

Kuvat: Erik Berkey

Version 1.0: SKH, Stockholm 12.-13.2.2022

Concept and spinners: Myrsky Rönkä, Marjut Hernesniemi

Sound: Teemu Kiiskilä ja Ramtim Kajbaf

Lights: Tom Richmond

Supporters: Stockholm University of Arts, Sirkus Faktori


RestArt: Hundreds of pounds of life, vibrating matter, travel in space on the verge of becoming.

RestArt is a transforming installation, a meditative space for rest and art, where the passenger has the opportunity to experience the performance with their entire body. The work is a recognition of the cyclical nature of life. It condenses the essences of ropes, bodies, and sounds. The starting point is journey, experience and inhabiting spaces in special ways.

Concept and SoundScape: Myrsky Rönkä, Marjut Hernesniemi

Exhibitions:  SKH, Tukholma 24.-26.5.2021  See more here

and Oijoijoi - contemporary circus festival, Tampere 3.-5.9.2021

Photos: Mikko Vares / M&m

Supporters: Stockholm University of Arts

Drops of Symbiotic Interactions

Kuva: Pia Vainio
Kuva: Pia Vainio

A Rope specific performance of Symbiosis

According to biology Lynn Margulis "Life did not take over the globe by combat but by networking"

Symbiosis is any type of a close and long-term biological relationship between two different biological organisms. The performance views four types of symbiosis through the performer's relations: parasitism, commensalism, amensalism, and mutualism. Each type has its own rules that define the relationship between the two performers.

On stage will be seen four scenes, where each of the scenes takes a closer look at one type of the symbiosis. Besides the performers, the ropes play an important role in reflecting the typical physical bond between species while in a symbiotic relationship. Rope takes different forms bringing out the inner core of the

symbiosis types. As a result, you will see an innovative and dance-like contemporary circus piece where the interactions between performers play the most important role.


Concept and performers: Myrsky Rönkä, Marjut Hernesniemi

Sound: Teemu Kiiskilä

Lights: Paul Damade 

Duration n.55 min.

Premier: 6.9.2019 Barker-teatteri, Turun vapaan taiteen näyttämö, Turku

Other perfomances: Joensuun NÄYTTÄMÖ, 2020
parts at Object festival, Helsinki, 2020

Supporters: SKR Varsinais-Suomi, TOP-säätiö, TAIKE Varsinais-Suomi, CIRKO - Uuden sirkuksen keskus, Sirkus Faktori, Barker - teatteri Turun vapaan taiteen näyttämö


Kuva: Pia Vainio
Kuva: Pia Vainio

How to make a bowline knot? Do pirates exist? Why boats have often a woman name?

NosturiSirkus is a story based contemporary circus performance spiced up with humor. In the performance fact and fiction gets mixed up when Marsku and Mylly start their working day at the "shipyard". NosturiSirkus is a site specific piece inspired by the history of the Wärtsilä shipyard in Turku, and the nearby Baltic sea. The performance happened under and in the structures of an old crane next to Aura river in Turku.  

Concept and performing: Myrsky Rönkä, Marjut Hernesniemi

Duration n. 40 min.

Premier: 3.7.2020 Nosturi 55, Telakkaranta, Turku

Supporters: SKR Varsinais-Suomi, Turun kaupunki, TAIKE Varsinais-Suomi


Kuva: Jesper Dolgov
Kuva: Jesper Dolgov

From the initial sea. Time makes us forget, the connections. May I? Enjoy the sun on my skin, feel the wind playing with my hair, sense the touch of another human? In the end, what matters?

Verso is a meditative and magical contemporary circus piece, sprawling from the initial sea to the space. In Verso, four ropes and two human beings resist gravity, play with everyday life, and travel to space. Verso was born from the climate change anxiety and the question of will there be a world?

Concept and performers: Marjut Hernesniemi, Myrsky Rönkä

Duration n.35 min

Premier: 18.5.2019, Köysiteatteri, Turku

Supporters: Turku University of Applied Sciences

Kuva: Mikko Pirinen
Kuva: Mikko Pirinen

Symbiosis, duo rope act

From weddings to BDSM parties. From circus tent to theaters and outside spaces e.g. Cupula Circus Village Festival, Porto, Portugal; Salo Circus Festival, Finland; Bliss Circus, Palolem, India; Badoom Tss, Estonia; Kukko festival, Lahti.



4.-5.10.2021 Lund / Malmö

Assisting curator. Designing and making the transitions come true.

Concept: Pernilla Glaser (Boiler), Skissernas Museum, K3 Malmö Universitet, Arkitektskolan vid Lunds universitet, Förnyelselabbet SVID, Form/Design Center ja Konstfack yhteistyössä Skånes Dansteater ja Malmö Konsthall. 

Huoneiden Kirja (Book of Rooms)

13. - 28.8. 2021, Turku

RoomArtis, room number 62. Room, which has a boat in the ceiling: Myrsky Rönkä, Marjut Hernesniemi

More pictures

Production: TEHDAS Teatteri, Aurinkobaletti, Aura of Puppets 

Huoneiden Kirja received Performing arts state award  2021

Photos: Jesper Dolgov

Keho Kollektiivi: Salaperäinen Samppalinna (Secret Samppalinna)

20.-23.8.2020, Turku

Salaperäinen Samppalinna is a chill and experiental park orienteering for the whole family.

Concept: Keho Kollektiivi ry.

Costumes: Timo Tamminen

Supporters: Turku 2029 säätiö

Company Uusimaailma:

Bog dervisses and singers, 

Suo Soikoon! festival 27. - 28.8.2021, Karvia

Singers: Sini Pajunen, Aleksi Keurulainen

Dancers: Marjut Hernesniemi, Myrsky Rönkä

Director/Producer: Seija Hakkarainen

Costumes: Sari Nyman ja Seija Hakkarainen


Alvar Aalto sali, Jyväskylän Yliopisto, 2018

Work for a reading hall, three acrobats, double bass, harmonium, and deforming worlds - familiarly known as Cumiversity - is a contemporary circus performance where live music plays an essential role.

Tupacircus Company: Iloitku (JoyCry)

Jyväskylän kesä, 2018

Iloitku -performance mixing contemporary circus, folk music and traditional karelian crying songs.

Group: Emmi Kuittinen, Laura Pukki ja Sanna Purokuru, Vesa Purokuru, Sanna Warsell, Marjut Hernesniemi, Myrsky Rönkä, Juhani Saksio ja Harri Varpanen.

Photos: Samppa Erkkilä / Matti Häyrynen

Murheen Kruunu (Crown of Sorrow)

Ritual to remove the sorrow, 2018, Turku

 Site specific piece combining contemporary circus, choir singing and live music.  

Concept and directors: Marjut Hernesniemi, Karen Soinila, Henna Pötsönen

Music - Karen Soinila (säv. san. sov.)
Ligths and graphic design  - Jere Virta
Performers - Fanni Silmunen, Myrsky Rönkä, Kreetta Astala, Rosa Laukkanen, Mari Reijonen, Marianne Vaalimaa
Choir - Helmi Hytönen, Kari Söderqvist, Jonna Junnila, Milla Ryytty, Emmi Airikka, Iiris Syrjä
Band - Maija Lindroos, Matti Yli-Pietilä, Antti Kajan

Supporters: Turku University of Applied Sciences