The relational workshop is an ongoing workshop between 24. - 29.5.2021. There are two tasks. You can only do the first one if you want. The second one will appear after completing the first one. 

Task 1 

"beings do not pre-exist their relatings" - Donna Haraway 

Close your eyes and breathe few times. Inhale and exhale. Once you feel like it, open your eyes. What is there in the space? What do you hear, smell, see, taste, or touch. You share a relation with all of them. It can be a micro or macro level. It can be a close relation or not. It can be an object, another animal, your skin cell...  Share the relations into a book of relations. Any relation that comes into your mind. You can write in your mother tongue. The book of relations will be shared online and updated as it comes together.